1. Purpose

Norgeskap garage cabinets are non-combustible garage furniture for storing typical household or garage items. Norgeskap garage cabinets can be installed in any roofed garages; multi-storey, single-storey, in sheds or under other types of roofing.

The way to view a Norgeskap garage cabinet is as additional square metres to be used for storage space, freeing up usable area elsewhere in the house previously occupied by those objects.

2. Construction

2.1. Materials and finishing

The main cabinet body, interior shelves, doors which open sideways or upwards (on actuators) are made of 0.8 mm - 1 mm thick metal sheets. The legs (in case of cabinets with a box under which a car can be parked), ski holders, tyre holders and others fittings are made of open and closed profiles with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm - 2 mm.  The cabinet body and all other components are coated with a high quality powder coating.

2.2. Opening and closing

The cabinet can be opened and closed using one of the three options selected by the customer:

a) Side hinged doors. The door is fixed with strap hinges to the cabinet body along the vertical edge.  When opened, the door swings to the side. This option is recommended for low cabinets.

b) Top hinged door. The door is fixed with strap hinges to the cabinet body along the top edge.  The door is supported on both sides with actuators adjusted to the weight of the door. This option is recommended for high cabinets and in two-module cabinets for the upper module.

c) Aluminium roller shutter. To close it you need to lower the roller shutter from top to bottom.  To open, after opening the lock, pull the roller shutter upwards. This option eliminates the risk of hitting any surrounding elements as it may happen with swinging doors. 

2.3.  The lock

Norgeskap garage door cabinets are fitted with locks intended for sectional garage doors, up-and-over garage doors and entrance doors. The locking cylinder is supplied by the renowned company - GERDA. The set includes three sets of keys.

3. Fixtures

3.1.  Standard fixtures

As standard, you get a cabinet without any paid fixtures.

3.2.  Additional fixtures

Additional fixtures may include, but not limited to:

a. a ski holder

b. a bicycle rack

c. a shelf, full width of the cabinet

d. a side shelf

4. Transport, assembly and acceptance

4.1.  Transport and assembly

Transport of the garage cabinet is an extra paid service provided by Norgeskap at a date and time agreed with the customer. Unloading on site and installation at the customer’s designated location is carried out by Norgeskap technicians. The customer must provide the technicians with the garage door remote control for the duration of the installation so they can enter freely the installation site with their transport vehicle. The customer’s presence is not required during installation.

4.2. Acceptance

After completion of the installation, the customer is asked to inspect the cabinet and sign an acceptance protocol in which he can select one of the following options:

a) Accepted with no remarks. If there are no reservations to the cabinet, the customer may choose this option, thus stating that it meets all his/her expectations and is fitted in accordance with the specifications.

b) Acceptance with reservations. In this case, the customer confirms that there have been some discrepancies with the agreed parameters or specifications, but decides to accept the cabinet because the discrepancy is acceptable.  In such a case, Norgeskap’s technicians agree with the customer whether corrections or repairs are necessary.

c) Refusal of acceptance. The customer has detected a non-conformance with the agreed parameters or specification and refuses to accept the cabinet. In this case, Norgeskap’s technicians agree with the customer on the reason for the refusal and on further steps to replace the cabinet with one that meets the customer’s specifications.

5. Use and maintenance

5.1.  Use of Norgeskap garage cabinets

Please observe the following rules to ensure the correct operation of Norgeskap garage cabinets:

a. The cabinets should be placed on even and levelled floor.

b. Objections and remarks concerning the delivered product must be reported to Norgeskap’s technicians during delivery or later by e-mail and telephone.

c. Locks and mechanisms must not be modified - this will void the warranty.

d. Replacement of damaged locks and mechanisms during the guarantee period may only be carried out by the manufacturer’s service department or by an authorised service company.

e. If you need to change the keys, it is recommended to replace the entire lock.

f. The maximum permissible load on the cabinet is 400 kg; the load must be distributed evenly in the cabinet.

g. Do not lean on open hinged doors and avoid putting additional strain on them.

h. When using the cabinet perform all actions in moderation without using unnecessary force.

i. Do not store hazardous products in the cabinet, which are not permitted by the garage or building manager or administrator.

5.2.  Environmental conditions

a) Norgeskap garage cabinets must not be exposed  directly to any weather conditions.

b) Norgeskap garage cabinets should be used away from corrosive substances (acid fumes, salts, alkalis, etc.).

5.3.  Maintenance

Norgeskap garage cabinets require no special maintenance.  Cleaning of the cabinet and shelves shall be done in the same way as any other powder-coated surfaces.  To clean its surfaces use soft cloths and mild detergents. Lubrication of the hinges, if necessary, should be done with commonly available solid or spray lubricants.

6. Guarantee

The guarantee is valid in Norway for a period of 12 months from the date of installation, or if no date is indicated, the guarantee period starts from the acceptance date indicated on the acceptance protocol. The basis for the guarantee is that the Norgeskap garage cabinet has been used in accordance with the instructions.  Damage caused by misuse or by circumstances beyond the manufacturer’s control will not be covered by the guarantee.